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2018/04/26 · This BMW E46 3 Series Supra 2JZ Engine Swap Compilation is the one you MUST watch! After watching this E46 BMW Toyota 2jz engine swap compilation make sure to subscribe and leave a comment! Thank. 2017/09/08 · During a couple of Italian drifting events in 2017 I recorded this BMW 3-Series E46 modified and raced by Martelli Racing. The car is powered by a Toyota 2JZ single turbo engine with around 550hp. 2019/07/18 · The customer wanted this car on a reliable drift tune where he could bang all day and still daily it. Equipped with a BorgWarner s366 and a Link G4 Ecu. This E46 2JZ Swap put down 500Hp 489Tq at. 2019/02/08 · Opposite to the new Supra which has a BMW motor, this BMW M3 is running the older Supra MK4 2JZGTE tutbo motor! With a big top mount single turbo running a mild 500hp this is. Stop it already. Enough of this 2JZ-GTE nonsense under the hood of BMW's. The MKIV Toyota Supra motor has found its way under the hood of numerous BMW's. That includes the E39 M5, this E46 M3 you are viewing now, and even a 2002.

2018/01/01 · Starting 2018 off RIGHT with our friend Holland's CRAZY 2jz e36! The way the sun hits this car is absolutely incredible! As always, leave a comment, question or a like! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE. E46型M3用S54エンジンを移植した! E36型BMW M3を紹介です。 E46型BMW・M3用直6DOHCの3.2リッターS54型 エンジンをスワップして、5速マニュアル ミッションを組み合せた。 1994年式E36型BMW M3の国内中古車物件です。. 2017/06/12 · This video is a how to install a 2jzgte in your E46. Although I may hit bumps in the road to installing the 2jz, it's to show you what to do and what to expect if you do decide to try this. Make. 2016/08/11 · BMW e46 2jzgte swap. The car is being built in loving memory of my grandmother Idalia Lopez. Feel free to subscribe and like my channel. Subscribe to.

エンジン載せ換え費用 見た目と値段だけで買ったBMW E39 525iのパワー等に不満を感じ2JZ-GTEに乗せ換えを考えています。いろいろ調べてみたのですが日本ではスワップした例がないようなので詳しい情報が分かりま. BMW 1JZ/2JZ GTE engine swap Stage 1&2&3 We are proud to offer you a special proposal for BMW cars like E30, E36, E46 or E34. Toyota 1JZ/2JZ GTE engines are famous for strenght and reliability. We can mount the Toyota.

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